Ruby (Tollefson) Schmidt (1923-2017)

We regret to report the passing of Ruby Anna (Tollefson) Schmidt (1923-2017) on December 14th. At the age of 94, Ruby was the oldest living member of the Schmidt family tree at the time of her passing. Her obituary is available at the Hantge Funeral Home website:

Ruby was the wife of Arnold Schmidt, daughter-in-law of Henry Schmidt Jr., granddaughter-in-law of Henry Schmidt Sr., great-granddaughter-in-law of Conrad Schmidt, 2xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Dietrich Schmidt Sr., 3xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Friedrich Schmidt, 4xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 5xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Sr., 6xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 7xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Hans Schmidt.

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