Birth: 2 Jun 1693 – Iba, Hessen-Kassel

Death: 17?? – was last known to be living in Ronshausen in 1756, when he fathered an illegitimate son with Elisabeth Schmidt of Machtlos; he is referred to as “deceased” in a 1778 record; his death record does not appear in Ronshausen or Iba

Father: Johann Berndt Sänger

Mother: unknown

Marriage: 8 Aug 1719 – Ronshausen, Hessen-Kassel
Spouse: Anna Martha “Magdalena” Freund (1687-1766)

Children (with Anna Martha “Magdalena” Freund):

1. Anna Elisabeth Sänger (1720-????)
2. Maria Elisabeth Sänger (1722-????)
3. Johann Conrad Sänger (1724-1751)
4. Johann Hermann Sänger (1726-????)
5. Johann Christoph Sänger (1730-1731)

Children (with Elisabeth Schmidt of Machtlos they were not married):

6. Johann George Sänger (1756-1825)