The Foam on Tides History Podcast is a production of the Hans Schmidt Family Association. In this podcast, we talk to historians and scholars about the history of America and Germany in the Atlantic World, from the medieval era through the world wars. Some episodes will look at American history, some at German history, and some will take a trans-regional approach.

The name of the podcast is a reference to the famous quote by historian Fernand Braudel, that the events of history are like “crests of foam that the tides of history carry on their strong backs.” We seek to glimpse those crests, while also examining the deeper tides of history underlying them.

Historian and genealogist Josiah Schmidt, the first president of the HSFA, will serve as host of the podcast.

The Foam on Tides History Podcast is currently in the planning and pre-production stage. We anticipate a debut in Summer 2024.