Schmidt Family Cookbook

Price: $19.99
The Schmidt Family Cookbook contains recipes from the descendants of Hans Schmidt, the shepherd of Nentershausen, Germany, who lived 400 years ago. His descendants, who today stretch from West Bend, Iowa, to Washington, DC, to Machtlos, Germany, and everywhere in between, reunited in Spencer, Iowa on July 30-31, 2016. This cookbook was assembled before the event as a testament to the strong bonds of our Schmidt family, and as a means of honoring our ancestors.

Karl Crosses the Atlantic

Price: $19.99
Join Karl Schmidt as he leaves his home in Germany for an exciting adventure. With the help of his four animal friends, Karl travels halfway across the world by steam ship, train, and foot. Will he make it to his new home in America? What will America be like? Based on the true story of Karl Schmidt, who was the first of the West Bend (Iowa) Schmidts to arrive in America, in 1881.

2000 Questions for Grandparents

Price: $14.99
Unlocking your family's hidden history has never been easier, with this ultimate guide to family history interviews. This book will teach you how to prepare for, conduct, and learn from interviews with family members. Includes 2000 useful, creative questions to get your relatives' fascinating memories and thoughts flowing on such topics as: childhood life; previous generations; world events; outlook on life; love, marriage, and family; career and hobbies; spirituality and politics; likes and dislikes; travels and migrations; military service; and more! This book was written by Josiah Schmidt, who headed the organizing of the 2016 Schmidt Family Reunion in Spencer, Iowa, which broke the record for largest reunion of any family in the state of Iowa.