These instructions are for Schmidt males who descend (or think they might descend) from our family progenitor, Hans Schmidt (1594-1680), and would like to help us advance our genetic research into both the deep history and the recent history of our Schmidt family.

Step 1
Have Your Y-DNA Tested

We recommend purchasing a Y-DNA testing kit from, and creating an account at, FamilyTreeDNA (or “FTDNA”) are currently the leaders in consumer Y-DNA testing. Their Y-37 test is the cheapest and most basic Y-DNA test they offer, and it will test 37 key STR values on your Y chromosome. Their Y-111 test offers better resolution, as it tests 111 STR values on your Y chromosome. However, we strongly encourage all testers to purchase the Big Y-700 test if they are able to afford it. The Big Y test records 700 STR values and also looks at the SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) on your Y chromosome, which provides the most infallible determination of where you are situated within the Schmidt family. If you have already taken a Y-37 or Y-111 test, you can upgrade to Big Y at a later date. In this case, FamilyTreeDNA will try to use your previous stored saliva sample to run the Big Y test, but they may need to send you another sample collection kit to complete the process.

Step 2
Fine-Tune Your FamilyTreeDNA Account Settings

After you have taken a Y-DNA test from FamilyTreeDNA, go to your account settings at Here, you should make sure that your full name and contact information are correct, in the “ACCOUNT INFORMATION” section > “Contact Information” sub-section.

If you are part of our Schmidt family, please consider designating the Hans Schmidt Family Association as your DNA account’s beneficiary. This means that, should anything happen to you, the HSFA will become the caretaker for your Y-DNA data. You can find this form in the “ACCOUNT INFORMATION” section > “Beneficiary Information” sub-section. You can type “Hans Schmidt Family Association” as the Beneficiary Name, “314-514-5789” as the Beneficiary Phone, and “” as the Beneficiary Email.

If you would also like the Hans Schmidt Family Association to be the current kit manager for your Y-DNA account, you can initiate this using the form in the “ACCOUNT INFORMATION” section > “Kit Manager” sub-section. The name, phone number, and email can be the same as stated in the paragraph above, and the Kit Manager Address can be listed as “3170 Willow Bend Drive, Saint Charles, Missouri 63303.”

Next, make sure to go to your “GENEALOGY” section and fill out your list of ancestral surnames in your family tree (under the “Surnames” sub-section), as well as your earliest known paternal-line and maternal-line ancestors (under the “Earliest Known Ancestors” sub-section). If you descend from our patriarch, Hans Schmidt (1594-1680), you can type “Hans Schmidt, b. 1594 and d. 1680” in the “Direct Paternal Ancestor” box.

Next, it is our recommendation that, in your “PRIVACY & SHARING” section, you make sure your “Opt in to Matching” switch is set to “ON,” your “Opt in to IGGM” switch is set to “ON,” and “Match Levels” dropdown menus are all set to “All Levels.”

Lastly, it is also our recommendation that, in your “PROJECT PREFERENCES” section, under the “Project Sharing” header and next to the “Group Project Profile” sub-header, you make sure your “Opt in to Sharing” switch is set to “ON.”

Step 3
Join Group Projects

After your Y-DNA results have posted and you are confirmed to be related to our Schmidt family, we recommend you join the following FamilyTreeDNA group projects: