Wm. Rogers & Son Silverware Set

Artifact Name: Wm. Rogers & Son Silverware Set

Creator/Manufacturer: Wm. Rogers & Son

Location: Home of Michael and Esther Steil, West Bend, Iowa, USA

Material(s): Silver-plated stainless steel; velvet; wood

Photographer: Esther Marie “Esty” (Anliker Wilson) Steil

Provenance: Mary (Moser) Schmidt (1875-1958) → Esther Marie “Esty” (Anliker Wilson) Steil

Time Period: 1940-1950

DESCRIPTION: This antique Wm. Rogers & Son silverware set is contained in a rectangular container with wooden exterior and bluish-green velvet interior. On September 22nd, 1958, four days before her death, Mary (Moser) Schmidt asked her daughter Lydia to go and retrieve the set of silverware that she and her husband Henry had received for one of their anniversaries. Then Mary called for her granddaughter (Lydia’s adopted daughter) Esther “Esty” to come in and Mary gave her this silverware set. Esty said to Lydia, “Mom, I can’t accept this. You and your brothers and sisters got this for Grandma. One of you should get it.” Lydia responded: “We don’t argue with Grandma!”

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