A Statement on Family & Community During the Present Crisis

The Hans Schmidt Family Association is expressly non-partisan. With that said, we emphasize that–despite our European surname–we are an incredibly diverse family. Black, Asian, Latino/Latina, and all manner of people carry the Schmidt name and carry on the Schmidt legacy. Some of these cousins of ours have faced injustice because of their skin color. Some of our Schmidts are in the streets right now, voicing their opinions.

One of the great things about a family association is not just the opportunity to remind ourselves of our connections within our smallest branch of the family tree (the first, second, and third cousins). It’s also the opportunity to recognize that the harder we look, the more encompassing our definition of “family” must become. At some point in the past (perhaps more recently than you would think), one of George Floyd’s ancestors and one of your ancestors were brother and sister. We should therefore think of George not as a stranger, but as a cousin.

What happens to one of us, happens to all of us. If you have ever felt isolated, mistreated, or unwelcome in society, you are welcome in this family. Your life matters.

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