Happy Mother’s Day 2023!

The Hans Schmidt Family Association wishes all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day this year. Take a look at this 1937 photograph of mothers in our Schmidt family, and follow the links in the caption below to peruse our online family tree. Which of these mothers do you have memories of? Feel free to share memories of any of these ladies by leaving a comment below!

This photo was taken on Carl Lindemann‘s farm near Humboldt, Iowa, in 1937 for the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Michael Lindemann and Elizabeth (Schmidt) Lindemann.

(Left to right)
In the back row:

  1. Alice Marie Anliker (1923-1941)
  2. Lydia Margaret (Schmidt) Wilson (1907-1993)
  3. Anna Marie (Mogler) Schmidt (1902-1993)
  4. Christine Freda “Sid” (Knobloch) Schmidt (1915-2005)
  5. Irene Julia (Anliker) Neighbors Rick (1922-2017)
  6. Ida (Messner) Schmidt (1906-1983)
  7. Esther Julia (Schmidt) Moadinger (1913-1995)
  8. Elizabeth Martha (Schmidt) Anliker (1899-1943)
  9. Belva Marie (Perkins) Schmidt (1910-2003)

In the row of seated women:

  1. Elizabeth Marie “Lizzie” (Schmidt) Schafer (1889-1973)
  2. Anna Henrietta (Niewoehner) Schmidt (1887-1942)
  3. Anna Sabine (Schmidt) Jergens (1873-1961)
  4. Anna Margaret (Schmidt) Krug (1902-1983)

The woman sitting on the ground in the front:

  1. Kathryn Elizabeth (Krug) Schmidt (1900-1991)

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