Happy Father’s Day 2023!

The Hans Schmidt Family Association wishes all fathers a very happy Father’s Day this year. Take a look at these early-20th-century photographs of patriarchs (and matriarchs) in our Schmidt family, and follow the links in the caption below to peruse our online family tree. Which of these fathers do you have memories of? Feel free to share memories of any of these men by leaving a comment below!

(Left to right) (Back row) Henry John Schmidt, Georg Karl "Charles" Schmidt. (Front row) Michael "Mike" Lindemann, John A. Lindemann. (Henry and Karl were first cousins. Mike and John were also first cousins. The Schmidt men were also more distant cousins of the Lindemann men. Mike Lindemann's sister, Maggie, married Karl Schmidt. Mike's wife, Lizzie, was Henry Schmidt's sister. John A. Lindemann, Mike's cousin from Iowa City, often left off an "n" from his last name and spelled it "Lindeman".) Photo courtesy of Denise Lindemann.

This photo seems to have been taken in front of the Mike Lindemann residence near Humboldt, Iowa, in about 1910.

(Left to right) (Back row) Henry John Schmidt (1862-1951), Georg Karl “Charles” Schmidt (1864-1933).

(Left to right) (Front row) Michael “Mike” Lindemann (1860-1951), John Adams Lindemann (1870-1933).

Photo courtesy of Denise Lindemann.

This photo was taken on Carl Lindemann‘s farm near Humboldt, Iowa, in July 1937 for the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Michael Lindemann and Elizabeth (Schmidt) Lindemann.

(Left to right) (Back row) Adam John Eisler (1864-1948), Lewis John Jergens (1871-1954), Henry John Schmidt Sr (1862-1951), Mary (Moser) Schmidt (1875-1958), Lillian (Wurtle) Eisler (1869-1962), Balthasar “Henry John” Eisler (1862-1941).

(Left to right) (Front row) Anna Margaretha “Maggie” (Lindemann) Schmidt (1864-1943), Katharina Elisabeth Martha “Lizzie” (Schmidt) Lindemann (1864-1939), Michael “Mike” Lindemann (1860-1951), Anna Sabine Elise (Schmidt) Jergens (1873-1961), Sophia Elise Louisa “Elizabeth” (Hecht) Jergens (1851-1948), Marette “Mary” (Traupe) Eisler (1869-1951).

Photo courtesy of Sue (Studer) McCain.

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