Happy International Longevity Day!

In honor of International Longevity Day, which falls on October 1st every year, promotes healthy aging, and recognizes the long-lived among us, the Hans Schmidt Family Association would like to celebrate the 20 longest-living members of our family tree who are still currently with us!

  1. Betty Jane (Troth) Fiebelkorn of Monterey Park, California, age 99, widow of Kenneth Fiebelkorn and daughter-in-law of Albert Fiebelkorn
  2. Bernadine Ruth (Schmidt) Messner of Brownton, Minnesota, age 98, daughter of Henry Schmidt Jr.
  3. Dorothy Ann (Capeder) DeFlorin of Eagle River, Alaska, age 97, daughter of Elizabeth (Bohn) Capeder
  4. Richard James West of St Paul, Minnesota, age 97, husband of our cousin Ruth (Bohn) West and son-in-law of William Bohn
  5. Mary Ann (Schmidt) Thiem of San Marcos, California, age 97, daughter of Henry Schmidt Jr.
  6. Donald Kenneth Messner of Edwards, Illinois, age 96, widower of our cousin Viola (Schmidt) Messner
  7. Ruth Marie (Bohn) West of St Paul, Minnesota, age 95, daughter of William Bohn
  8. Ramona Edith (Woodworth) Kuyrkendall of San Antonio, Texas, age 95, daughter of Louis (Raub) Woodworth and descendant of Anna (Schmidt) Raub
  9. Betty Ann (Banwart) Schmidt Wirtz of West Bend, Iowa, age 94, widow of Richard Schmidt
  10. Dwane Edward Bucklin of Hutchinson, Minnesota, age 94, husband of Marjorie (Schmidt) Bucklin and son-in-law of Henry Schmidt Jr.
  11. Lorraine M. (Cosgrove) Scholten of St Louis, Missouri, age 93, widow of Donald Scholten
  12. Verna Mae (Schmidt) Bruns of Gibbon, Minnesota, age 93, daughter of Chris Schmidt
  13. Marjorie Ann (Jergens) Schmidt of Emmetsburg, Iowa, age 92, daughter of Howard Jergens and widow of Donald Schmidt
  14. Patricia Jean (Jergens) Taylor of Clive, Iowa, age 92, daughter of George Jergens
  15. Roland Howard Schmidt of Gibbon, Minnesota, age 91, son of Chris Schmidt
  16. LaVonne Elaine (Scholten) Wallenberg of Rockford, Illinois, age 91, daughter of Elizabeth (Lindemann) Scholten
  17. Betty Elaine (Smith) Schmidt of Sun City Center, Florida, age 91, widow of Fred Schmidt II and daughter-in-law of Fred Schmidt I
  18. Doris Ann (Kirschke) Brown of Deland, Florida, age 91, daughter of John Kirschke and descendant of Konrad Schmidt
  19. Marjorie Joan (Schmidt) Bucklin of Hutchinson, Minnesota, age 91, daughter of Henry Schmidt Jr.
  20. Vera Catherine (Bauman) Schmidt of Hastings, Minnesota, age 90, widow of Kenneth Schmidt

Do you know of any longer-living (currently alive) descendant of Hans Schmidt whom we missed? Please contact us and let us know!

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