Have a Fantastic Fathers Day!

Today we say THANK YOU to all of the dads in the Schmidt family tree, whose hard work, responsibility, and love kept our many branches strong and well cared for over the generations.

No matter what your last name is, all the dads in our family are important. Make today memorable, whether you are spending time with your dad in person or enjoying your memories of him.

From left to right:
(Top row) Henry Schmidt Sr. (1862-1951) of West Bend, Iowa, and cousin Karl Schmidt (1864-1933) of West Bend, Iowa.
(Bottom row) Mike Lindemann (1860-1951) of Humboldt, Iowa, and cousin John Lindeman (1870-1933) of Vinton, Iowa.

Henry Schmidt Sr. (husband of Mary née Moser) was the father of Fred Schmidt, Mike Schmidt, Henry Schmidt Jr., Elizabeth (Schmidt) Anliker, Chris Schmidt, Marie Schmidt, Conrad “Dick” Schmidt, Lydia (Schmidt) Wilson, Earnest “Bud” Schmidt, Anna Schmidt, and Esther (Schmidt) Moadinger.

Karl Schmidt (husband of Maggie née Lindemann) was the father of William Schmidt, Lizzie (Schmidt) Schafer, Edward Schmidt, Charles Schmidt, Mike Schmidt, Anna (Schmidt) Krug, and Henry Schmidt.

Mike Lindemann (husband of Elizabeth née Schmidt) was the father of Anna (Lindemann) Verbrugge, Martha Lindemann, Conrad Lindemann, Johnny Lindemann, Mary Lindemann, Lizzie (Lindemann) Scholten, Carl Lindemann, Herman Lindemann, and Henry Lindeman.

John Lindeman (husband of Emma née Hunt) was the father of Jessie (Lindeman) Bunten and Ralph Lindeman.

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