In Memoriam: Summer 2022

Raymond Gerald Eisler (1943-2022)

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Raymond was the son of Adam Eisler, grandson of Henry Eisler, great grandson of Anna (Lindemann) Eisler, 2xgreat grandson of Anna (Bomm) Lindemann, 3xgreat grandson of Anna (Sänger) Bomm, 4xgreat grandson of Johann George Sänger, 5xgreat grandson of Elisabeth Schmidt, 6xgreat grandson of Johann George Schmidt, 7xgreat grandson of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 8xgreat grandson of Hans Schmidt.

Robert F. Stehlik (1938-2022)

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Robert was the widower of our cousin Sandra (Zinnel) Stehlik, son-in-law of Alvin Zinnel, grandson-in-law of Elizabeth (Eisler) Zinnel, great-grandson-in-law of Henry Eisler, 2xgreat-grandson-in-law of Anna (Lindemann) Eisler, 3xgreat-grandson-in-law of Anna (Bomm) Lindemann, 4xgreat-grandson-in-law of Anna (Sänger) Bomm, 5xgreat-grandson-in-law of Johann George Sänger, 6xgreat-grandson-in-law of Elisabeth Schmidt, 7xgreat-grandson-in-law of Johann George Schmidt, 8xgreat-grandson-in-law of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 9xgreat-grandson-in-law of Hans Schmidt.

Jean Marie (Neduchal) Paone (1943-2022)

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Jean was the widow of our cousin Ralph Paone, daughter-in-law of Estelle (Wagner) Paone, granddaughter-in-law of Anna (Keilman) Wagner, great-granddaughter-in-law of Philip Keilman, 2xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Martha (Lindemann) Keilman, 3xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Conrad Lindemann, 4xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Martha (Schmidt) Lindemann, 5xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 6xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Sr., 7xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Martin Schmidt, 8xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 9xgreat-granddaughter-in-law of Hans Schmidt.

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