In Memoriam: Winter 2022-2023

We regret to announce that, this past winter, we lost the following members of our family tree:

See below for further details:

Lester Elton Elliott (1950-2022)

Read Lester’s obituary

Lester was the husband of our cousin Elizabeth Elliott, son-in-law of Betty Matthews, grandson-in-law of Elizabeth Waudby, great-grandson-in-law of Harry Schmidt Sr., 2xgreat-grandson-in-law of George Schmidt, 3xgreat-grandson-in-law of Johann George Schmidt, 4xgreat-grandson-in-law of Ludwig Schmidt, 5xgreat-grandson-in-law of Johannes Schmidt, 6xgreat-grandson-in-law of Martin Schmidt, 7xgreat-grandson-in-law of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 8xgreat-grandson-in-law of Hans Schmidt.

Rhonda Kay (Carrigan) Grusecki (1967-2023)

Read Rhonda’s obituary

Rhonda was a daughter of Helen (Jergens) Carrigan, granddaughter of Howard Jergens, great granddaughter of Anna (Schmidt) Jergens, 2xgreat granddaughter of Conrad Schmidt, 3xgreat granddaughter of Dietrich Schmidt Sr., 4xgreat granddaughter of Friedrich Schmidt, 5xgreat granddaughter of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 6xgreat granddaughter of Johannes Schmidt Sr., 7xgreat granddaughter of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 8xgreat granddaughter of Hans Schmidt.

Riley Alexander Scharper (1994-2023)

Read Riley’s obituary

Riley was the husband of our cousin Katlyn Scharper, son-in-law of Nancy Loeschen, grandson-in-law of Leona Lanus, great-grandson-in-law of Elizabeth (Schmidt) Anliker, 2xgreat-grandson-in-law of Henry Schmidt Sr., 3xgreat-grandson-in-law of Conrad Schmidt, 4xgreat-grandson-in-law of Dietrich Schmidt Sr., 5xgreat-grandson-in-law of Friedrich Schmidt, 6xgreat-grandson-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 7xgreat-grandson-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Sr., 8xgreat-grandson-in-law of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 9xgreat-grandson-in-law of Hans Schmidt.

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