Congrats to Cousin Jim McDonough on His Election!

Congratulations to our cousin, Ramsey County (Minnesota) Commissioner Jim McDonough, on being elected last week to Chair of the Board of Commissioners. Jim has represented District 6 (Saint Paul neighborhoods of Upper East Side, Payne-Phalen and Conway-Battle Creek) since 2000. This is the third time he has been elected to serve as Chair.

Jim is the husband of Carol McDonough, son-in-law of Alvin “Swede” Schmidt, grandson-in-law of Fred Schmidt, great-grandson-in-law of Henry Schmidt Sr., 2xgreat-grandson-in-law of Conrad Schmidt, 3xgreat-grandson-in-law of Dietrich Schmidt Sr., 4xgreat-grandson-in-law of Friedrich Schmidt, 5xgreat-grandson-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 6xgreat-grandson-in-law of Johannes Schmidt Sr., 7xgreat-grandson-in-law of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 8xgreat-grandson-in-law of Hans Schmidt.

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