Congratulations to Jergens Cousins on Successful Reunion

Congratulations to our cousins, the descendants of Howard Ralph Jergens (1902-1985) and Emaline Ann (Walsh) Jergens (1905-1976), on a successful family reunion in West Bend, Iowa this week!

Of the 47 living grandchildren of Howard and Emily Jergens, 26 of these first cousins made it to the reunion, with their own spouses, kids, and grandkids in tow. Several of Howard and Emily’s living children also reunited at this gathering.

Grandchildren of Howard and Emily Jergens
Descendants of Howard and Emily Jergens (mix of generations)
Living children of Howard and Emily Jergens

Photos courtesy of Tina (Carrigan) Davis

Howard Jergens was a son of Anna (Schmidt) Jergens, grandson of Conrad Schmidt, great grandson of Dietrich Schmidt Sr., 2xgreat grandson of Friedrich Schmidt, 3xgreat grandson of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 4xgreat grandson of Johannes Schmidt Sr., 5xgreat grandson of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 6xgreat grandson of Hans Schmidt.

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