VIDEO: Raw footage of Rosabelle (Schmidt) Johnson interview

Here is the full, uncut footage of our Schmidt family history interview with 89-year-old cousin Rosabelle (Schmidt) Johnson of Emmetsburg, Iowa. Parts of this will be included in the Schmidt family history documentary film. Thanks again to Rosie for taking the time to reminisce! The grandparents that Rosie refers to are Georg Karl “Charles” Schmidt (1864-1933) and Anna Margaretha “Maggie” (Lindemann) Schmidt (1864-1944), who were the first of the West Bend Schmidts to immigrate to America and settle in Iowa in the 1880s.

Rosabelle is the daughter of Charles Schmidt, granddaughter of Karl Schmidt, great granddaughter of Dietrich Schmidt Jr., 2xgreat granddaughter of Dietrich Schmidt Sr., 3xgreat granddaughter of Friedrich Schmidt, 4xgreat granddaughter of Johannes Schmidt Jr., 5xgreat granddaughter of Johannes Schmidt Sr., 6xgreat granddaughter of Hans Heinrich Schmidt, and 7xgreat granddaughter of Hans Schmidt.

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